Monday, 25 March 2013

Politics: Weird And Creepy

Since starting blogger (and before that tweeting) KT has come across lots of things he didnt know, KT has seen many things he had never seen, KT has also meet people he would never have met.

As readers will know KT is not educated nor the sharpest tool in the box but KT can spot something which is rotten, When the expenses scandal broke politicians told us that they had learned the lessons and they would "clean up politics ", since then we have seen a few token MP`s sent to jail for fiddling their expenses (and Chris Huhne for perverting the course of justice for a non-expenses related case), We have a also seen allegations of child sex abuse made against state run institutions which have alleged that people in Parliament also knew of this and assisted with making sure it was not made public, during this KT has seen many allegations against former politicians and current politicians  (tho how many are true is not known) of alleged abuse, It does not surprise KT that child abuse was rife in childrens homes, when KT was in one all the local peados knew where it was and would prey on the children regularly (believe it or not KT does not blame the staff at the childrens homes, you try keeping 15 teenage and messed up children in check, they would spend a lot of time picking up us residents from police stations from around London and Essex), KT often asks himself "What could they have done to get through to me" (the childrens home staff), the answer is "nothing", I had switched of, no-one could reach me but eventually i go myself together (you wouldnt think it looking at me now but you would if you had seen me back then) , which brings KT back to parliament and politics, some people in and around  politics have known or heard rumors/whispers about this for many years yet have mainly remained silent ( thro choice or intimidation or fear of not being believed ) and now (abit slowly) the truth is starting to come out.

Politicians are often labeled as "out of touch" , KT does not think they are, KT believes they know exactly what is going on and choose to try and ignore or divert us from truth, why? because MP`s are not individuals ( they give this up when they join a party) the party brand is all that matters, you see labour can live with the tag of "always ruining the economy" and Tories can live with "Milk snatcher" and Lib Dems can live with "No principles " (Tho KT should add that applies to all modern politicians , But the Parties would struggle to live with the tag of "The party of peados" ( Just for the record KT has seen allegations of abuse made at Tory and Labour ) , that party would probably hand their opponents 3/4 terms unopposed, but hat happens if both main parties are labeled "the party of peados"? then the monopoly on power that they have held is broken which is what none of the main parties want, Imagine a new party (uncorrupted) coming in and finding all the skeletons that they all have and exposing them, It would be the end of both main parties, the main parties will not allow that to happen, they would rather take turns standing on "centre /centre left" polices than coming clean and releasing their grip on power.

Which makes me conclude this :

Via videot203

Someone once promised a "deep clean" of the NHS hospitals, KT demands a "deep clean" of the State and the Political class.

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