Sunday, 29 July 2012

It can happen to anyone

In the joy and elation of team GB winning the first medal today a mistake was bound to happen.

Step forward Ed Miliband with this :

    "That was incredible. Well done Lizzie Armistead. Brilliant effort and result. She seemed rightly delighted in her interview."

One slight problem Ed, its "Lizzie Armitstead" , I take it you will appoint a judge led inquiry to get to the bottom of this?

But then again it has happened before.

Update: it seems Ed was not alone, StuartAndrewMP with the same mistake

   "Congratulations to local Otley athlete, Lizzie Armistead, for winning Team GB's first medal. Making West Yorkshire proud"

Update 2: Mr Andrew has seen the error of his ways and corrected the record

  "Congratulations to local Otley athlete,Lizzie Armitstead,for winning Team GB's first medal.Making West Yorkshire proud.Sorry for misspelling"

Oh the things we do in that moment of excitement and passion :)

Update 3: Ed Miliband also sees the error of his ways here

  " Congrats again to Lizzie Armitstead, this time spelt right...!"

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