Sunday, 10 June 2012

A Plea

I wrote about this before here , Well it`s almost time.

These are the two teams :

• Christian May (Media Intelligence Partners)
• Mark Wallace (
• Daniel Hamilton and James McLoughlin (Bell Pottinger Public Affairs)
• Paul Staines and Harry Cole (Guido Fawkes Blog)
• Giles Dilnot (BBC Daily Politics)
• Jonathan Isaby (TaxPayers' Alliance)
• Mark Ferguson (Labour List)

And the opponents are :

 Shane Greer (  on twitter)
-Iain Dale (on twitter)
-Mark Carrington
-James Stephens
-Ben Duckworth
-Grant Tucker
-Lewis Carpenter
-Sam Carter
-Henry Rubinstein
-Ben Waterton

Please donate, it is a great cause. Check out the website .

Update :

Rumours of either team doing this are untrue ;)


1 comment:

  1. You mean Shane Greer and Iain Dale are pulling the rope on Twitter? What a pair of wimps.