Tuesday, 15 May 2012

Why i am grateful to Nick Robinson

No, its not a April fool.

When i got into politics online i used to read the Guardian/observer, Daily Mail and Nick Robinsons blog, I also held the BBC in high esteem as the countries most trusted broadcaster.

I used to enjoy reading nicks blogs and the comments below thinking they were Representative of the national mood (political). While reading one day one of Nicks readers mentioned the Guido Fawkes blog, it wasn't the first time i had seen it but my natural curiosity got the better of me and off to google search i went.

I had a look but didn't quite *get it* (tho this was more to do with me being completely outside Westminster bubble) , Guido`s comment section was a pop up white box. i didn't comment but decided that once i had the hang of this politics bollocks i would return. I retreated back to Nick Robisons blog to read, over the next few weeks i noticed that no matter the subject the same posters on Nicks blog were debating the same things and using the same insults.

Anyway, I started to look at the Guido Fawkes website with a bit more regularity, Guido then changed the layout of the comments section to basically what it looks like now (much easier to use), as so my journey had truly begun, at the time i had no idea where it would take me. The beauty of it was that i was also able to ask questions and get honest un-spun bull in return, i was also able to find more blogs that were not mainstream.

So thanks Nick Robinson, i don't think you meant to, but you have opened up my eyes to the political world.

As i say this, i would like to direct readers to this Just giving page which says this :

On Tuesday 12th June, a crack team of eight Westminster Village misfits from the world of the media, blogging and public affairs will face off against Total Politics in the 25th annual House of Lords vs House of Commons Tug of War in Westminster College Gardens.

We have set ourselves an ambitious target of raising £2500 for Macmillan Cancer Support, so please donate generously. You can either donate online or by texting any amount up to £10 followed by 'TUGW 80' to 70070.

• Christian May (Media Intelligence Partners)
• Mark Wallace (CrashBangWallace.com)
• Daniel Hamilton and James McLoughlin (Bell Pottinger Public Affairs)
• Paul Staines and Harry Cole (Guido Fawkes Blog)
• Giles Dilnot (BBC Daily Politics)

These guys have a target of £2500 , so lets help them reach it :)

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