Wednesday, 2 May 2012


So polling begins at 7am in the morning.

Yep lucky Londoners will get to choose who they elect for Mayor.

well the campaign has been going for ages and i am bored with it. I could argue for or against a candidate but what you do in the polling booth is your business.

anyway this is about leaflets.

Normally people get bombarded with leaflets (from all candidates). My vote was floating, I asked Kens team, Green Party and Back Boris team one question (apart from asking about Kens tax affairs like everyone else), Only the Greens and Kens team responded (Greens saying a freeze on Mayors pay and Ken saying he would take it back to 2008 levels).

But has anyone else missed the lack of engagement? I have received just one leaflet during this whole campaign. Is my vote not worthy, are you skint?

The idea of political parties is that they work for your approvel, not the other way around.

Oh the only leaflet i got was from the Boris camp.

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  1. Infuriated of West Mids (@LeCreusetFiend)2 May 2012 at 23:12

    Being a Brummie I can't speak for the London elections, but I have had no engagement from any party except the Conservatives, who push an "update" leaflet through my letter box every 3 months or so.

    I haven't seen or heard any candidates; I've received no phone calls, I haven't seen any Twitter action.

    They mocked John Major for literally getting on a soap box and speaking to the masses, but I agree - this engagement is now sadly lacking in all politics, but especially local politics.

    Just for the record, I'll be voting "no" to an elected mayor, and for the Conservatives. I don't want Liam Byrne or Sion Simon to run my city, or another George Galloway, which is the logical endpoint of a directly elected mayor in a city such as mine. I'll save my UKIP vote for the EU elections (I was particularly unimpressed by their candidate burning a picture of Brian Paddick today.)