Saturday, 5 May 2012

Labour snatched deafet when they could have won.

Labour ahead in most polls, an unpopular government and massive gains at a local level but why couldn't they win London Mayor race?

The simple answer is Ken, A man who was rejected at the last Mayor election after two terms in office. I thought it showed massive contempt for voters that the Labour party to try and say they got it wrong last time.

Now apart from all the baggage that Ken carries from previous years he had a gaffe prone campaign, In fact there as not a group of people that he didn't insult (perhaps labour voters?) , Then we had the whole tax affair (which he himself started) mess (to which he never did fulfil his promise to come clean). He claimed he wanted to run a positive campaign, That again turned out to be untrue.

Ken played politics not of this time, he run on such a negative campaign that i felt i had to vote for Boris just to keep Ken away from City Hall.

If Labour had picked virtually any other candidate they would won easily (If say Kate Hoey had run i might have voted for her instead of Boris), I ask this to all Labour party members, would you go into the next general election with Gordon Brown as party leader? No you wouldn't, you changed, you have Ed Miliband.

So why not the same for London?

As i mentioned Ed Miliband i just want to add that the egging yesterday was taken well by Ed and the bloke that done and run away like a little girl i thought showed how childish he was.

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  1. Some Geezer wot always knew Ed Sillyband was a bit of an egghead, but this is ridiculous5 May 2012 at 20:40

    Sure, throwing an egg at a politician is childish, but once we get past "Thank heaven it wasn't something more dangerous!", still, you gotta laugh; it's like Charlie Chaplin kicking a stupid twit in the seat of his trousers. Of course Charlie, and the egg-tosser (accent on "tosser"), shouldn't do such things, but we can't help thinking he's only doing what we might do if we weren't worried about being arrested and bringing shame on those close to us.