Friday, 18 May 2012


Thanks for reading my blog, i enjoy writing it, i may not be able to put into words what i want.

I had mixed views of what i wanted when i started this blog, I didn't know whether i anted to try and make money from it, don't worry i soon realised it wouldn't make money.

Then someone tweeted me something that hit me in the right place. I thought i would write a blog that others wanted to hear, No, i needed a blog where i wrote what i wanted to say. I wanted to put my beliefs to the test, and so far its gone ok.

I still don't have the best spelling or grammar grasp, but i hope i am improving.

I had ideas to put up a favourite poem each week and a caption contest, but that is other peoples ground.

I want to write, it maybe rubbish to you (sometimes i might agree) , but its my rubbish. I have never had this freedom to get my life across, i maybe never will. Am i trying to sell myself? Yes of course, If i don't seek to impress or try and improve then i go backwards. I cant mix with those that are educated for a long time (eventually my lack of education shows) but i am not jealous, nor do i have envy, I think about who i can make myself better.

Anyway that's me.

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  1. Don't forget that, whether intended or not, a blog brings together a community of people. Quite a number have posted here and I detect a healthy respect, similarity of thinking and even liking for each other in what I have read.

    On the matter of criticism, it falls into two types:

    1. Constructive criticism, always welcome as it invites you to consider something that you may have missed. You remain free to accept or reject it and
    2. Personal criticism, otherwise called name calling or ad hominem (of the abusive variety). This is totally destructive and best ignored although I have a weakness for trying to upset it with humour which can also be effective.

    You clearly have a need to express your thoughts. You have made an excellent start to your blog and have raised many worthwhile points. If you can use it to improve your ability to express your thoughts and focus your life's objectives then that will be an admirable thing.