Tuesday, 1 May 2012

Have i missed something?

I see some of our members of parliament have decided that they are the seal of approval of who is fit to run a private company.

don't worry, there is no typo or got it mixed up, they really do!

These Mps are ones that over saw the country raking up massive debts and deficit? serious, are they having a laugh? Not fit to run a business they say?

How much debt does Murdoch owe?

How much have our politicians done so on our behalf?

Let me be clear, if any crime has been committed then it should be brought to justice without fear or favour!

Anyway, i blogged a while ago about politicians adverts well know they want to choose who owns their own company? Bloody hell what type of state does this?

Back on to Mps, These are parties that said Iraq had weapons of mass destruction, a government that claimed to have ended boom and bust. Who the bloody hell do the thing they are?

People like Tom Watson enjoyed the Murdoch backing when it was going on, as did the Labour party, In fact Gordon Browns wife had a slumber party with Wendi Murdoch (before Gordon declared war on Murdoch)

So where does it end? will we have to get state approval for speech, expression and thoughts? Oh wait....

By the way about 50% of Mps repaid money after expenses, not a sign of guilt of course, a honest mistake...

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  1. Some Geezer wot thinks Tom Watson sees and seizes his opportunities2 May 2012 at 00:18

    In the US, in the late 40's, there was a politician who seized on the fact that there was a definite danger of Communist infiltration, but because of his loose-cannon mouth and seeming obsession with the Red Threat, he became a figure of both hatred and ridicule due to his personality. He was over the top, to put it mildly, and he set back his cause with his irresponsibility. If left to a more measured spokesman, the point had been better made. As it happens, he was wide of the mark by a wide margin, not at bottom incorrect, but the exaggerations did him in. He was an opportunist who didn't take his point seriously enough to actually get it so right he couldn't be touched; no, he just let his mouth loose and damn the consequences.
    What does this have to do with Watson and the determination of who's a fit and proper person and who does the determining? Fatty is nothing but a rank opportunist in this regard, taking his licks at a Murdoch who is somewhat (not completely, however) on the ropes. He reminds me of W.C. Fields who, in one film, brags about how he beat up a tough giant virago named Chicago Molly. It's brought to his attention that someone else got in the first blow; he responds, "But I'm the one who kept kicking her while she was down!", as if that were to be bragged about, FFS!
    McCarthy and Watson are both examples of someone who is loathsome enough to make his enemies almost sympathetic though they clearly don't deserve it.
    It should also be remarked upon in passing that should Murdoch ever be sanctioned in any way in the UK, he'll have to pay a shitload of money in fines in the US under the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act, not enough to put that much of a dent in his bottom line, but enough to chasten him and get FOX News to tone down its coverage, perhaps, into something more MSM. Watson is doing Obama and Eric Holder, Justice Department czar, a favour by doing some of their heavy lifting, as FOX has been relentless in going after Holder for a myriad of sins. The Special Relationship in action!