Sunday, 13 May 2012

Freedom of speech (yet again)

I wasn't going to blog today as loads of sport on and i wanted to chill.

However something came across my twitter timeline that just left me stunned. This is a quote from a BBC Newsbeat report.

It says:

Attorney General Dominic Grieve said users should be aware of how easy it can be to break the law.
But he said the government didn't need to introduce new laws because existing ones already make it illegal to "grossly offend" or "cause distress".

You are not mis-reading that, it really says that it is illegal to "grossly offend" or "cause distress" , Now i am guessing that these laws were put in place by Labour  (if not, point it out and i will be happy to correct this), But who decides if someone is grossly offended? My guess is the state.

Well if that is the game we are going to play then let me tell you what may grossly offend me! Politicians stealing money via expenses from the taxpayers, elected politicians not doing the job they are paid to do, the state spunking over 600 billion of taxpayers money every year, Politicians telling parliament that a country has WMD.

But what most gets me is people getting offended on my behalf.

Apparently a blogger has been told to take down adverts that are deemed *offensive* and *homophobic* , Full details here . Now let me say again i am a gay man and these adverts do not offend me and if you are going to have a debate on a subject then you cant silence one side from having a say.

    "I may detest what you say but i will defend to death your right to say it"

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