Sunday, 6 May 2012

Freedom of speech part 3

Freedom of speech.

Its worth a listen to.


  1. Some Geezer wot is free to voice his opinion, for now anyway7 May 2012 at 13:07

    The United States may have "Freedom of Speech" in its Constitution, but what that means is that, under no circumstances does the Government have to right to censor opinions or reporting in advance. (During wars, of course, this has been honoured rather in the breach than in the observance, as far as "aid and comfort to the enemy" went.) But let's not mix our terms, Billy; the US has "free speech=unfettered," but not "free speech=without cost." Saying you are going to burn a Koran will bring attention to you, and if you do so and it causes a disturbance, you will be punished for incitement. But they wait till you've done so, or at any rate till you are doing so and the SHTF. A preacher named Terry Jones tried that. He was as much of a comedian as his namesake, but he made his point, and he relented at the last minute.

  2. Some Geezer wot begs leave to revise and extend his remarks7 May 2012 at 13:36

    So I decided to Google Jones to find out what that mong's been up to, if anything, and lo and behold, he actually did finally burn the Koran, last week in fact, but without all the advance ballyhoo, there was no disturbance, hence he won't face any charges, unless they just want to "give him the business," as they say, and cite him for an illegal bonfire, 50 dollar fine or some equivalent mulct. (Having nothing to do, of course, with what was burnt. Yeah, right.)