Monday, 16 April 2012

Why i am blogging

A reader asks what is the main purpose of this blog, a question which simple but a good one.

So here i go, last August i didn't have a twitter account active ( i had started one but gave up as i didn't understand it), eventually i gave in and re-started it out of curiosity and thirst for new knowledge. As i said in previous posts i have no education, Qualifications etc,I don't have a massive vocabulary nor am articulate as most other bloggers, so i am coming from a long way behind all my readers and twitter followers on catching up with things.

I want to use this blog as my space to write and express myself and yes ask questions, since getting into politics online i have found a whole new world (not to mention twitter) that i never knew exsisted, i have spoke with and chatted with people that i would never have had a chance to.

The topics i want to cover are about how i see things, my views are no more or less important as anyone elses.

Just a note on twitter.

I cannot thank enough the people that follow me and i follow for being so nice and welcoming and understanding ( even when i have sent the occasional typsy tweet and had to apologise the day after).

Like i have also said i intend to improve as much as i can, Hell have had so many twists in life this see where this takes me.

You are all welcome to come along for the ride :)


  1. And long may your journey continue.

  2. There is one thing that I know for sure, and that is that I know nothing.

    This wonderful thought is not mine, I wish I were that wise to have thought of it myself. It was spoken by Socrates over 2,400 years ago.

    Virtue to him was the act of seeking knowledge. How well (or badly) one is educated now does not matter. That you are willing to learn is the ultimate act of good.

    I think of his words every day of my life in the hope that I can learn more and I try to pass on that benefit where I can.

  3. Keep going. It doesn't matter about how you articulate it. Small state libertarianism needs as many voices as it can get in the sea of shit that is twitter and the blogosphere

    Captain Birdseye

  4. Some Geezer wot likes you just the way you are-- now change17 April 2012 at 01:01

    No education? And here I thought you were an honours student from Hardnox University!

    In all seriousness, Billy, you might wish to just brush up on some style pointers in the use of the language; while you are far more bright and intelligent than a lot of folks out there, it doesn't always show through in the writing-qua-writing. Like the Scarecrow, you have a brain, you just don't know you do, and the discipline of learning how to write in a bit more professional style will be worthwhile. If a university grad like Owen Jones, who is stupider than the day is long, is published and featured on the telly, it is only down to his facility with the language. He's got nothing to say, but he does so stylistically. Imagine what you could do if you wrote like he does!

    Check out this link: