Tuesday, 1 May 2012

That Fly.

I cant concentrate, there is a fly in the room.

I was half way through writing a blog when this fly appeared, it was that moment when it stopped my flow and thoughts in one go, i say to myself the other blog would have been a blockbuster but that fly is still there.

I cant get my thoughts back. the fly is taking libs, i am having to keep an eye in case it invades my drink.

I shall send a e-mail to my MP to request that a law is passed to fit all homes with a fly killer thing (like they have in your local chippy) to prevent this madness happening elsewhere, I will start a campaign! On line at first, lobby MPs and alert the media to my cause! if there is a cross party consensus and support in the media then this could happen.

The fly is the focus of attention, i don't want it here (it doesn't pay rent), i didn't even invite it in!

Back to the campaign, If Mps refuse to act then i will take this to highest court in the land, then Europe if i have to, i will shout, campaign, lobby and bug politicians about this.

Something has to be done now, Its needs action and it would be the right thing to do.

the cost would be covered by a small reduction in your wages but it is the right thing to do, i don't want anyone else to suffer like i have!

Or i could just remove the fly myself.....

1 comment:

  1. I'm afraid you can't remove that fly yourself. Under the Wildlife and Countryside 1981, you must call for an official Arthropod Relocation Facilitator to trap it humanely and rehome it, for the standard charge of £146.50. There's a 12 week waiting list for this service, and we can't make appointments for a particular day, so please keep yourself available to admit her/him. Meanwhile, you may not enter the room, to avoid disturbing the insect.

    Count yourself lucky it wasn't a bat. Then you'd have to leave your home for ever.