Monday, 2 April 2012

Ok, It was not a April fool.

In my hungover state yesterday i claimed the best April fool gag was that the State was going to monitor all our e-mails, I am sorry that i have mislead you, it was not a joke.

The State will argue that if you have nothing to hide thn you have nothing to fear, well to a degree they are right, my e-mails wouldnt reveal anything sinister but they are still private. Next thy will say they will only target terrorists, fine until you relise that it is the State that defines who the terrorists are, But a Judge would have to approve a warrent , fine, but who selects the judges?

Just th other week a person was jailed for 56 days for *Offensive* and *Racist* tweets.

dont worry tho, its all so you can be safe.


  1. It was pointed out in a comment on Guido's blog that you can mask your identity by using Tor, which is free and can be got from

    I pass this on as there will already be quite few people who are tired of Guido's foolishness and are reading Kebab Time as a more civilised and rational alternative.

  2. I owe him a lunch actually. He treated me over a year ago but I have not been back. I will fulfill my obligation because that is what I do.

    He is smart but, it seems, he carries it all on his shoulders and the Irish in him sometimes just stands out. Like you, I wish he had accepted Para's offer but he is probably too proud. (Para, incidentally, I have huge admiration for - despite not seeing eye to eye on every last detail.)

    As you say, it is good to be able to converse civilly.