Thursday, 26 April 2012

Compulsory voting.

Our democracy is a sham!

Turnout percentages in elections is shocking, Now i am not going to use this post to endorse or slag of anyone one party (otherwise it will be a very long post), There are a thousand reasons why you shouldn't vote for any party But that doesn't mean you shouldn't vote.

Some will argue that withholding you vote is also a part of democratic processes, I agree, but (yep here comes the but) how then can we call our Government a Representative government? Less than 50% of turnout will propel a party into government. This is not democracy.

So i am now going to argue for compulsory voting (OK i am going to give it a shot), Its a simple policy and one i hope attracts support.

The main reason people don't vote in elections because they feel that it doesn't matter who they vote for a crook and liar will get in and after the expenses scandal who can blame them? Or parties going back on manifesto promises.

If we are to have democracy then we must all take part so i propose a small fine (no more than £30) for every person who is registered to vote who doesn't, you ill say that i am forcing people into an action they don't want to do, maybe i am, but then don't parents force their children to go to school? eat their greens etc (yes i know this article is about adults). The other end of this proposal is that a extra box is added on every ballot paper saying "None of the above", then you see parties would have to work hard for your vote.

In some places None of the above could win and that is democrcy!


  1. I'm not going to vote next time, just to piss you off.

  2. I wonder what will happen in Tower Hamlets with their postal votes if you made voting compulsory :)

    I do wonder if it would be worth looking towards the Nordic countries, as Iceland had a 85% turnout, Denmark 87%, Sweden 84%. Norway 76% and Finland 70%. The reason could of course be small poppulations, but I would like to think the reason is partly to due with the election method being proportional representation, based on 1 vote only, not 2 preferences like in London

  3. I agree with compulsory voting but it's not going to happen while compulsory individual voter registration even with optional voting is opposed for whatever obscure reasons the mainly leftist opponents have. I can see a theoretical civil liberties issue but it is really theoretical here. Australia hasn't become a police state by having compulsory voting.

    Were voting to be compulsory parties would have to work for every vote. The 30-40% who don't even bother to vote at general elections could not just be taken for granted. If the current main parties don't excite them enough to vote, new parties would have them to appeal to.

  4. I'me surprised at your attitude, Billy. Nothing has ever been gained by making anything compulsory, though a great deal of liberty has been lost. If people don't care who rules them, that's their affair. Leave them alone.

    1. I actully want *None of the above * to win (if it happened) ;)

  5. Some Geezer wot will vote for your idea, Billy26 April 2012 at 19:22

    I'll go you one better, Billy: If "None..." wins, the seat stays vacant. A party must form a Government with a majority of all seats, not just filled ones, and if one party can't get 50% + 1, then hold by-elections (no Coalitions); put in a caretaker government in there in the meantime. If by some chance "None..." is the majority, the Queen will prorogue Parliament altogether till new elections can be held.

    Mark Twain said: "No-one's life, liberty or property is safe if the Legislature is in session."

  6. (from Austria - en route)

    In North Korea, they had 100% turnout in the recent elections and 100% of the voters voted for the only candidates available.

    So maybe that is not quite the answer that it first appeared.

    *BTW It is so nice to be able to type the word appear*