Saturday, 31 March 2012

West Ham

We hav lost 2-4, not a great result (in fact quite bad).

But i am not going to get downbeat nor disheartend. I love West Ham and i will support them thro thick and thin , no matter what, w are not out the race yet, we are third.

So i ask all West Ham fans this, No matter what you think about Sam or the way we play please back our team fully, lets make Upton park a place to fear for our opponents, Lets be loud and proud.

What point would changing a manger now? a new bloke in charge, has to get to know the players and then install all the changes he (rightly) wants, There is no point now.

So please, lets back our team 100% , Lets back Sam 100%, Lets back the bord 100% and lets stay united .



  1. What I know about football could be written in very large letters on the back of a postage stamp...

  2. If football bores you, remember one thing: as a religion, it is infinitely preferable to Christianity and Islam. It has only started one war, a four-day affair between El Salvador and Honduras in 1969, a no-score draw.

    1. Not so much it bores me as I never got interested in the first place. I have often thought about how tribal it is and that I found strangely off-putting. Why should I have to be anyone's disciple? I am not a number! I was a closet Libertarian even in my teens without knowing of a suitable descriptor to apply to it.