Saturday, 31 March 2012

Saturday post.

Today i want to write and appeal to my fellow West Ham fans.

The transfer window is closed, and we now enter the final push for promotion. We have a home game against Reading today and i am really positive about this, despite some poor results at home (draws) i think we have a chance of winning today, but this chanc would be made better if w back our team for 90 mins and not just 30mins. I hav no problem with fans voicing thier opinion after the game has finished but to start booing and getting on th players back after 30 mins will not help. I know some fans dont like Sam or the way he plays but he has a proven record of reaching his targets ( I bet Bolton wish he still worked for them),.

So lets stop the negativity at home , lets get behind then for the whole game and stay united until the end of season.


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  1. So you will have seen the Very Reverend Iain Dale in person, occupying two or three seats at Upton Park? Ooh, I am envious.